Love Causalities



My love’s downfall is measured towards the despise I receive. I retaliate for nothing, only the lies that deceive. I see the end coming near, my vision is no longer clear. Love’s greatest fear comes with hate, compare the years. Of all the boundary’s crossed, and all the lives lost because hearts have been burned, broken, and tossed. Divine intervention in the form of my true queen. I neglected the warnings and all those who’ve seen. I believed and protected anything that you illustrated. Drawings of love in their purest form, only to be hated. Contemplated the reasons, thinking that maybe you were sent to me. The changing of the seasons, winter’s coldness leaves warm memories. Wasn’t prepared mentally though, the words of love are a strong one. There is no thin line between love and hate, only a long one. Your voice like a song that soothes my whole body. I believed we were meant for each other, knew your soul got me. Mates, our first date, the first love we made. Physical mental connection, all of the above have paid. But i had no shield or protection, to accept this devastation. I guess loves downfall is only the sun hates creation. I wasn’t able to grasp the sorrow, and there was only hell to pay. WOULD TRADE ALL MY TOMORROWS, FOR JUST ONE YESTERDAY. I’d die for you to understand that all i want is your happiness. We played games with loves meaning, maybe it was just practice (missed). The laughter gets louder, though drowned out by my agony. Forever more will show loves power, though brought down love’s casualty. So with this message in relationships’ wars I’m just a soldier. Cease the wreckage from being born, maybe one day we’ll start over.

Inner Feelings (New love getting the best of me)

She touched me with her spirit and opened up my heart
New beginning got me feeling blissful and this is just the start.
Never thought love like this could fulfill me
It even reached the cold regions of my heart where exes played apart
I use to have cupid blues… Yeah, a fool in love
But I have to admit, something about this right here is new.
Something I never felt before.
She captivated my mind and caressed my thoughts
Her voice mesmerized me like an angel harp played at a symphony.
Yeah, she giving me the business
You see… I vowed never to let a woman get this close to me
Real love didn’t exist for me, that arrow just kept on missing me.
But true love is unexpected
I tried to reject these inner feelings but she wasn’t having that.
Why do I feel trapped?
She won a battle with my mind, body and spirit
But I don’t feel defeated
I feel euphoria… blissfully unaware of my inner most being
I don’t want to lose this feeling so I maintained a pace.
A little bit at a time, never hurt nobody
But why do I feel like giving in because this new love is getting the best of me
The lessons she teaching me, got me learning what true intimacy is
When your mind, body and soul are intertwined into one
Her heart beat connected with mine
We have our own melody
Maybe this is why…..
I’m letting this new love get the best of me


I once had a dream and it spoke to me
So beautifully and elegantly
As is if singing in harmony
Oh I love her melody

You know those reoccurring dreams…
The ones that come when your at peace and you close your eyes
Hoping to envision the loveliest thing
Oh how she speak to me

Ever night I would wait for her and say “Come to me”
And she would always oblige because in my mind is where she needed to be
Captivating my every thoughts
Oh what was she doing to me

Why does this dream feel like a reality
No longer an illusion
I feel her all around me
Spiritually moving
Oh so re-loving

My inner dream became my outer being
She no longer lived within me but possessed apart of me
My heart
It was as if it was her owns
Oh how she took over me

My mind, body and spirit were in flamed, all because of a dream
So that it seems
But how could it be, when she feel so tangible to me
Oh she makes me want to believe

This dream is so real, I can see
The beauty is inner deep
She is taking over me
Possessing my soul so innocently
Oh how she moves me

She came to me in the form of a dream
But I made her my reality
She was all the things I could ever imagine within
my memory
Oh how I love our chemistry

A dream is exactly what she is giving me
And so in return I vow to make her life with me,
Nothing but moments of serenity
Making destiny a reality
Oh how she keeps on blessing me

….An epiphany

Poetic Release (Featuring Dream)


In an abyss of emotion

I’m emoting silence spoken, it’s choking

Because you got me open like budding roses

Your ebony silk scars my mental in passions scarlet, my constant focus to the point the pleasures potent

In a sense it numbs my mind

The thought of us in the rain intertwined, erotic potions

Our natural lotions, mahogany combined like equations

You are the chosen


You are the chosen

Were the words spoken, evoking emotion

And now I can’t deny

Cause each verse created reflects how I feel inside

Our mentals mixing in a definite sensual chemistry

Forces colliding and uniting to a point of ecstasy

I feel like I died and was resuscitated

And in the midst of it all came a revelation…

Either my heart was stolen or I simply gave it


Revealing a light hypnotizing behind my eyes

Your love is golden

I feel the increased friction gradually build up

I intake your token

Depictions of this love

Darkness broken, as your rays I’m scoping

I’m sealed for everyone except you, as our love’s eloping

Making me overflow mentally in ecstasy

You’re getting the best of me, you’re interwoven

This is a lesson for me

You’re definitely blessing me, presently

Your mind directing me

Mesh with me and spread my mental open



You’re opening wide for me, your mental guiding me, driving me

You are effortlessly

Taking over me

Controlling me, consoling me

You’re a mystery

My history contains negativity


In your presence I breathe only positivity

Now I’m riding these waves

I’m in ecstasy

Your mental caressed me, undressed me

Exposing my naked beauty

These heights that I’m climbing

Just amazes me

What’s next… I’m unsure, but I can’t wait to see


You and I are the definition of intimacy

And I’m not speaking sexually

You do something to my mind

Spirituality climaxing to the highest degree

My heart was locked to others but you had the key

You see things in me that most couldn’t reach

The leaks from past relationships no longer exist

Since you patched them up the moment you came across my path

The real reason these temporary relationships didn’t last

Nothing but memories

Future seem much brighter

Because you won over me

You are my reincarnated, destiny


The epitome of intimacy is how you defined you and me

Not sexually, but spiritually and mentally

I can see us making history so blissfully

My state of being is now so essentially

Impacted by the chemistry between you I

I can’t begin to describe what I feel inside

I don’t try to hide the love anymore it can’t be denied

You erased and chased the gloom from my darkest days

You became my moon and lit a path through my life’s maze

My past paved a way clear into my present view

To accept and not regret experiences and start anew

So I’ll be ready for my future and all roads lead to you

★QuietStorm ☆DreamCatcher

Ode to Maya

My dedication to a Phenomenal Woman who gave me the strength and courage to become who I am today.  Laying down The Lesson that you are who you strive to be. I see vividly without looking for the proof, while some are blind to A Brave and Startling Truth. On the Pulse of Morning that I heard the news of her passing, I felt somber because my hero was no longer alive. But then I realized what it meant when they say “The Rock Cries Out to Us Today” because she spoke to my soul. Her Remembrance will always keep me blessed. On those Insomniac nights, I cradled her books in bed using the street lights as my fixture. Through Weekend Glory, her story became my adventure.  Growing up I was a shy and sheltered youth who learned to see the beauty through words. Verbs and nouns became my best friend. I was never Alone, as long as I held a book. I captured my being with a paper and a pen. What started out as Passing Time became my beauty within. My Refusal to see the negative among me because I was too busy writing scriptures that would leave me with a positive spirit. I still see those days, Awaking in New York where my mother birth me. Through A Plagued Journey, I was always taught that God would be your guiding light. As long as We Had Him, you would always be alright. Even through the cries, I shout “Still I Rise“. The Detached feeling I had toward Men was an issue that I dealt with majority of my life. I always knew that I was different but I embraced what I thought was my flaw. I now see it as a blessing because of the happiness I now receive knowing that Women Work for me. Now I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings to me.