Burning Pages (The Reason Why I Write)


“Writing isn’t something I choose to do. It is something I have to do. Too many thoughts consume my mental and keeping them confined would be suicide. Writing is my therapy.”

I started writing at a young age. Writing in my journal was an essential part of my day. It was something I kept sacred. My journal was like my bible. I would keep it under my pillow and write in it every chance I got. I remember rushing home from school just to write how my day went. It felt like the pages were speaking to me and I held on to every word.

Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” I knew I had a story to tell, I just didn’t know how the world would perceive it. I wasn’t ready to share my words yet, so I kept them tucked in my journal.

Through my love for reading I got introduced to my favorite poet/writer, Maya Angelou when I was in middle school. I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. To have the ability to move people with my words. Now that was power to me.

I started studying the writing styles of Maya Angelou and other writers. I wanted to perfect my own style of writing. I was never good at writing fictional stories. I wanted people to feel the reality in my writing. Seems to me like not enough of us are telling our stories because we are too busy hiding behind someone else’s story.

I have learned so much about myself through my writing. Writing has the ability to release the happiness as well as the pain within you. Writing is therapeutic. I have gotten through a lot of hard times, just by writing my thoughts on a piece of paper. Life seems clearer when it is written. I can’t speak for everyone but writing is an essential part of my being.

Writing is like burning pages, it ignites your soul.

Relationship Talk (Part 1)

Relationship Talk

“The best relationships are the best not because they have always been the happiest, but because they have stayed strong through the storm.”

I’m not an expert on relationships but I’ve been in a few. I can only give you my experience and what I have seen through my eyes. Relationships are not meant to be perfect. Anything inhumanely perfect will succumb to boredom. Disagreements are expected. Differences don’t destroy relationships. It is how you deal with the differences that matter. You should be able to talk to your partner about your innermost feelings and thoughts in a positive manner. An imperfect couple learns to enjoy each others differences and work together to create something special.

A relationship is a mirror of the two people who are in it. You can’t have a healthy relationship with your partner if you don’t have a healthy relationship with yourself. Loving yourself should be a giving because no one can love you more than you love yourself. I find that a lot of people seek relationships because they want someone to love them. A relationship shouldn’t fill a void that you lack within. Only you can create that magic.

Often people bring trust issues from past relationships into a new relationship. I have to admit that I have trust issues from previous relationships. Being hurt by someone you trust is sometimes hard to let go of sometimes. Is it fair to your new partner? No, unless they give you a reason not to trust them. I always go into a new relationship cautious of my trust issues. I give them my trust until they give me a reason not to trust them. Love can cause you to be blind to the truth. Never lose sight of reality but also never let love make a fool out of you. You can only allow people to do what is done to you.